How to Get 1,000 People to Read Your Next Blog Post

Writing quality content is always hard to do. It doesn’t matter whether you write an ultimate guide, simple blog post, or email.

But there’s one thing even harder.

Getting people that actually care about what you have to say.

increase website traffic

I bet you’ve read about strategies like:

  1. Publish an article
  2. Share the article on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google + communities, Facebook groups, etc…
  3. Expect thousands of visitors to your website

Sorry to disappoint you, but…

It doesn’t work that way.

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46 Must-Read Articles for Entrepreneurs and Marketers

Articles for entrepreneurs

Do you remember the time when you wanted to learn something and you had to visit school or library?

I almost don’t…

And needless to say, I’m grateful for that.

Today, we have Internet.

Whatever you want to learn, you just have to open an Internet browser, go to Google and type in what you are looking for.

You can learn almost everything you want.


I’ve started to notice a big change in the content people write on their blogs and magazines.

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The 4 Most Effective Instagram Marketing Techniques of 2017

People who successfully grew their Instagram followers went through one of the three routes:

Route #1: Publish content that people love, engage with them on a regular basis, promote it like crazy and after 3 years, you have a chance to get together a good following.

Route #2: They started 10 years ago when there was no competition and now telling you how easy it was.

Route #3: Become a celebrity, sports star or famous actor. Then it’s very easy to get a massive following. But if you’re reading this article,

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14 Experts share the biggest Instagram marketing mistake

Let’s start with a few interesting facts…

  1. With Instagram reporting more than 600 million active users, there’s a good chance your target audience is there, right?
  2. It had taken thirty-eight years before 50 million people gained access to radios. It took television thirteen years to earn an audience that size. It took Instagram a year and a half. – Gary Vee

Let me guess..

You’re reading this article because you want to

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How to get 100 email subscribers in 24 hours [Step by step guide]

One year ago, even though I didn’t have a website, a blog, or a lead capture page – I was able to collect more than 2,000 email subscribers.

That was the real start of my online business.

Today I’m going to show you the two strategies I’ve used along the way.

Step by step…

And since they are universal strategies, they will work perfectly for you too.

Follow these strategies, and I can guarantee you that you are going to get at least 100 email subscribers in the next 7 days.

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15 Unseen Instagram Tools To Grow Your Audience

If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know how can be Instagram effective marketing channel.

If you’re here for the first time, I’d recommend reading the first part of this series – How to get 100 Instagram Followers in 24 hours and the second part, How we’ve grown to 52,129 Instagram followers in less than 8 months.

A few months ago, WeekHack had 1,000 Instagram followers.

In less than 8 months, we’ve grown to 54,000 followers.

Instagram Tools

Whether you’re looking for a way to grow your audience,

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How to Get 52,129 Instagram Followers in 8 months (case study)

It was 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 8th.

I was eating dinner and thinking of what topics I’ll be covering on my blog. (I know, nobody should be thinking about work while eating, I’m guilty)

And then the conversation on Twitter happened.

I stumbled upon the case study on Pat Flynn’s blog from Nathan Chan about how he’s converting 10,000 email subscribers from Instagram each month, and his page got over 500,000 followers within the first year.

10,000 email subscribers per month? Just from Instagram? What? That completely blew me away.

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How to get 100 Instagram Followers in 24 hours

Imagine, what a hundred new targeted Instagram followers every day would do for your business?

How many people would visit your website or blog?

How many subscribers would join to your newsletter, opt-in page or email course?

How much money you’d make?

According to statista, Instagram reached 600 million users in December, 2016.

Quite a lot people, right?

Instagram engagement is 20 times higher than that of Facebook and 50 times higher than engagement on Twitter.

What does that mean? It is much easier to engage with your fanson Instagram than on any other social platform.

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385+ Free Tools & Resources for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established entrepreneur, blogger or business owner, you will always need a full gamut of different tools, tutorials, and resources with the latest bells and whistles.

It doesn’t matter if you’re building your email list, building a following on your favorite social media site, looking for high-quality images for your blog, or need some inspiration and motivation; everything is included in this post.

This is not just ordinary post like a lot of others; each category includes the latest, most advanced and easy to use tools and resources.

Most of them are free of cost,

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How to Start a WordPress Blog – Easy to Follow Beginner’s Guide

Do you want to create a website? Without a technical headache?

Do you want to build a platform and spread the word out?

The easiest way to do it is to follow these step by step instructions.

If you want to own your website and have full control over everything – self-hosted WordPress blog is the number #1 choice that serious bloggers and entrepreneurs use.

There’re also other free choices like,, and, but most of the time they come with a lot of limitations.

Free PDF: Download this How to start a WordPress blog tutorial PDF + Powerpoint Handouts for later use!
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Dowload this step by step tutorial as a PDF

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