Copywriting Tips for Entrepreneurs That Hate Writing

Copywriting tips

Writing for your business is a tough task. However, don’t worry – you are not alone here. Like any other entrepreneur or business owner, you have a mountain of things to do. When there is a need to add another one – writing – you feel absolutely desperate. Writing needs time to master, while a necessity to create compelling texts might be a vital task. You need to know how to talk to your audience and learn what works with them and what – doesn’t.

The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make In Voice Search Marketing

In recent years, voice search marketing has become an integral part of digital marketing prompting marketers to start using voice search SEO and avoid SEO mistakes connected to voice search engines. Here is everything you should know about the biggest mistakes you can make in voice search marketing.

#1 No Google My Business Listing

The first big mistake you could do is not having a Google My Business listing for your business.

SEO for Local Businesses: 5 Factors to Consider

SEO for Local Businesses

Search engine optimization (SEO) matters when it comes to business. Doing so helps your website by improving your position in search results so that more people will come across it. While people may look at SEO on a global scale, it also matters for local businesses if you want people in your area to find your website.

If you want to improve the SEO for your local business, then you should review these five factors.

Best email marketing practices to improve campaign conversion rates

Email marketing is the most primitive yet preferred method of promoting brands and engaging with customers. It is one of the most effective strategies to fetch visitors and turn them into customers. Although it is an effective medium, it depends on how you are making the best use of it with the right methods and tools. If you are using it the right way, you can pull in higher revenues; otherwise, it could be a total waste of your time as well as money.

How To Build Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy from Scratch

Do you know why interest and a new business is the perfect combination? Most search queries for Pinterest are not brand-related.

That is, if you do not yet have a big name, but have attractive products, Pinterest is a great place to start building relationships with a new target audience.

In this article, we talk about how to build a Pinterest marketing strategy, as well as share some tricks that will make your Pinterest promotion more successful and effective.

7 Tips for Writing Money-Making Caption for Instagram Post

One of the most common questions is how to make an unobtrusive offer to buy a product or service. Interesting? Then read this article carefully. We will show you how to write a selling caption for Instagram post.

Caption for Instagram Post

What is a selling post on Instagram?

We are sure you have seen such posts in social networks, where businesses actively sell their own services. In most cases, no one wants to read them. Moreover,

The Best Time to Send an Email Marketing Campaign (Research-Backed)

All companies, whether big or small, need to figure out the best way to contact and interact with their audience. The internet stands as a powerful tool to communicate with customers. Email campaigns allow businesses to inform customers and email subscribers about products and deals, so finding the right time for email sending can affect the results of email campaigns.

The right time can vary on the audience, but overall, these statistics show information that can help you make the right decision with your email campaigns.

10 Secrets to Create an Intuitive Website Design and Attract Customers

Intuitive designs are customer centric. In simple terms, it is a design that appeals to the user, and makes it very easy for them to find what they need.

Imagine that you are browsing a website. What are the things that keep you around? What attracts you the most? These are the things you need to keep in mind while working on a design. It’s kind of like reverse engineering, but could be very complicated if not understood well.

8 Best E-Commerce Brand Building Strategies for Instagram

With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram serves as a spectacular platform to build your e-commerce brand. This social media platform is now at the forefront as the most engaging marketplace for business owners.

Instagram provides entrepreneurs more power than ever before. Social media statistics report that 68% of Instagram users engage with the brands they follow regularly. Businesses are also able to reach 100% of their followers as opposed to a way lower number of 6% reach on Facebook.

SEO For Images: The Essentials That You Need To Know

SEO for images

Everyone competent in the world of online business understands the vitality of SEO — search engine optimization — which in practical terms means finding ways to appear more prominently in valuable Google SERPs and make the most of those positions. Note that I say Google SERPs: however you view Google’s stranglehold on web traffic, there’s no practical way to avoid catering to the top ranking algorithm if you want to achieve stable success.

SEO is chiefly applied to text content,