9 Ways for Creating Great Video Content for Your Instagram Page

Instagram Video

Since Instagram was purchased by Facebook, business owners’ interest in using the social media outlet for promotional purposes has skyrocketed. Besides, marketers have also started to integrate the app with their campaigns, which seems to bring success, views, and sales when it comes to advertising brands, products, and services.

Creating compelling Instagram video content has shortly become one of the biggest goals of both marketers and companies in different industries. And, today, if you’re not using the social media platform’s functionality to its fullest,

Advertising in Social Media – Does It Work for Local Marketing?

Advertising in social media

Localization is one of the greatest ways to make your marketing efforts to reach the right audience. And content marketing is not the only smart approach on this matter, although it does contribute enormously. As of recently, social media advertising has gained a lot of traction when it comes to boosting localization success rates. And, to answer the question in our title succinctly, yes, social media advertising works wonders for local marketing. But the interesting part is how it works its magic.