7 Tips for Writing Money-Making Caption for Instagram Post

One of the most common questions is how to make an unobtrusive offer to buy a product or service. Interesting? Then read this article carefully. We will show you how to write a selling caption for Instagram post.

Caption for Instagram Post

What is a selling post on Instagram?

We are sure you have seen such posts in social networks, where businesses actively sell their own services. In most cases, no one wants to read them. Moreover, if you see comments under such posts, you can be sure that such activity is not true.

This material does not concern the promotion of an account on Instagram. Here we will discuss a narrower topic: writing selling texts that will be actively and voluntarily commented by subscribers.

The selling caption means a text of 1500-2000 characters long, which ends with an unobtrusive offer to use some services or buy some products. A selling post on Instagram cannot simply be information on the sale of goods or services. In modern realities, it is impossible to sell anything in this way.

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A good selling content must meet certain needs of the target audience. Let us consider them.

  • Involvement

Competently written selling text at Instagram should not sell! This is one of the most important things that a successful SMM-manager should know. Do marketers still have confidence in the fact that people go to social networks to buy something?

Imagine yourself as your target audience. You get home after a day’s work. Flip through the feed, log in to all the accounts on social networks that interest you, and there are posts calling for something to buy. Are you really willing to spend money on the first offer you get on the news feed?

Instagram Caption

Of course not! People use social networking sites because they want to have fun after a hard day’s work. They don’t care that you’re running a New Year’s Eve promotion right now.

  • Helpful

It’s one of the rules of content marketing. Every post on Instagram must be useful for the reader. Place practical and useful information in the text of the message, even if you plan to offer free advice on doing business.

Ideally, when the text solves some narrow problem of a subscriber of your Instagram account. But for this, you need to know your target audience well and all the problems that can be solved with your services.

  • Interest

Each release of content should fuel the interest of the audience, not the desire to click on the unsubscribe button. Here’s what you need to know about the interest of the audience to the post: you must interest the reader until the end of the second paragraph of the text.

  • Proposal

At the end of the selling post, you must insert an offer that cannot be refused. This item is intended to write a message for the audience.


Usually, the offer is at the bottom of the text. If in addition to the offer(s) you add an urgency (time limit) and a call to action, the level of sales from such a post will be much higher.

Selling caption for Instagram post manual

Basically, all posts of business accounts on Instagram are written on the AIDA principle but with some specific adaptations to this social network. If you apply the instructions from this section of the article, the posts will collect a good level of activity.

Activity on Instagram should be understood as: liking, commenting, saving a post to favorites, subscription to an account, and, most importantly, messaging in direct. The algorithm of this social network is configured in such a way that it “likes” to communicate with an account in personal messages.

AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

  • Attention

A good post begins with attracting the reader’s attention. Since Instagram is a social network for people who better perceive information visually, photography plays a key role.

Today, simply posting a picture with the default embedded filters is not enough. It has been noticed that accounts that are made with creativity collect more subscriptions on average than those where photo content is in a chaotic order.

Ideally, you should come up with your own content style and repeat it from post to post. An account is attractive to new subscribers if the posts are united by common visual handwriting.

Another factor that affects the attention of the reader is the title. It must catch the attention of the subscriber so that he can stop the scrolling of his news feed and read the post in more detail. Also, you can put the headline in a photo.

  • Interest

After we have captured a subscriber’s attention, we need to hold his attention so he reads fast to the end. The first two paragraphs in Instagram’s selling post are the most important to maintain interest.

Ideally, these lines reveal the essence of the headline that caught the reader. It’s a kind of prehistory that makes you continue reading. Post that starts with a provocative headline and then a little disclosure in the first two paragraphs are the most engaging.

Engaging Caption

Please note that these 2 paragraphs are approximately 300 characters long! So use them as efficiently as possible. Write text without water and with duplicate information.


Often you can see pronouns (me, us, you) in posts that should be removed without losing meaning. This saves a few characters of the 2100 characters that are in one selling post on Instagram.

  • Desire

This is followed by information that prompts a person to make a purchase. It should be said that no one selling post can achieve a 100% conversion. Some readers will not want to buy the product, which is absolutely normal. Never set a goal to please all those who read the selling post.

Write in the desired block based on the needs of the target audience, solve some narrow problems. You can, for example, give practical recommendations on how to lose weight on New Year’s holidays and eat delicious food.

The desired unit is the main one. It reveals all the benefits of the selling post, why it is worth buying from you, what is the unique offer, and so on. Do not forget that the number of characters in the text is strictly limited, so remove unnecessary words.

  • Action

The last point in the structure of the selling post on Instagram is a call to action. Take as a rule any of your posts, not necessarily selling, to end with words that will encourage the reader to action.

It may be a call to comment or to subscribe. If you put a question to the readers at the end of the text, it is very likely that a person will have a desire to answer it. Thus, the post gets a comment that appreciates the search algorithm Instagram.

In the case of the selling post, the call to action is simple. It is either to follow the link in the BIO or to write in direct to clarify details or to leave a comment with precisely specified words.

Interesting Captions for your Posts

For example, for the subscriber to get the details of the weight loss course, you can ask to leave a comment, which starts with the words: “I want the details of participation”.


A decision limitation should be added to each call to action or selling proposal. Subscribers can use the service until a certain time. It will increase the conversion of your post.

So, we’ve figured out the general structure of a selling post and the principles it is written on. Let’s look at an example that is now popular.

Example – Write what you see

What is the meaning of this post? People like it when a business account writes about what’s going on in its life here and now. Let it be a normal working day or a road accident. Maybe it’s some kind of big event that’s going on in the city these days.

Show it all without exaggeration. You can take a picture of your workplace, a picture from the front rows of the conference you are attending, shots of preparations for serious negotiations, and so on.

Selling on Instagram

Don’t be embarrassed by the fact that the workplace may not be cleaned up or the conference may be crowded and the hall is shining with emptiness. You can choose a perspective that will smooth out any deficiencies.

Blocks of the “Write What You See” post:

  • A loud and unexpected headline that touches on what’s happening now. A special charm is given by the working moments of the business you are engaged in.
  • An explanation of why you decided to write about what’s going on. Mention the motivation of why the post was written. It’s best when the story is true and you describe the real inner motivations that prompted you to write the note.
  • Description of the product you want to present, but in the context of the situation that occurs around. In this paragraph you “tie” the product to the case that motivated the writing of the post. Any two contexts can be linked to each other.
  • A call to action and why subscribers should take advantage of the offer right now. You can use such phrases: buy now, follow this link, write in direct, make an order, book your place.

Additional recommendations for Instagram selling captions

Yes, the most interesting “tips” are traditionally kept here. We’ll give you some tips to help promote selling posts.

Instagram is not the only source of traffic. There are less time-consuming methods to attract target customers. If you work together with an Smm-manager, the account promotion is much faster, due to mutual PR and activity of all participants.

Here are some recommendations on the promotion of selling posts on Instagram.


People use social networks because they want to have fun. Do not try to sell the product “on the forehead.” It’s not working right now. It depends on the ability to evoke emotion through writing.

Remember that Instagram is a visual social network. There are no more than 2100 characters per text message. Use them effectively. In this social network, emotions rule the success. Give them to the readers and they’ll love you.

Behind the scenes

5 years ago big brands did not pay attention to Instagram. It was believed that this social network was a kind of fold for photos and memories. The only purpose of having an account on Instagram was to save disk space on the phone.

Now the world has changed. Big businesses began to attract traffic from Instagram, which before was difficult to reverse monetization. Why did this change happen? People began to have less faith in TV commercials, Google, Yandex.

Subscribers are much more willing to respond when entrepreneurs show the inside of their business. When an account feels alive with its joys, victories, and defeats.


In order to sell your products and services, you need to build trust with your audience. There’s one thing that can help with that. That’s the blue tick behind your name, the verification one. No everyone can get it, but it’s worth trying.


How could it be possible not to mention hashtags in an article about selling posts on Instagram? These are the keywords on which people are looking for information. Usually, they’re marked with a “#” sign. For example #” designer,” “psychology,” “quotes of big people”.

Instasgram Hahstags

With the help of Adsy, we learn to distinguish hashtags by the number of publications. There are four categories of hashtags:

  1. Over 1 million publications
  2. More than 100,000 publications
  3. Over 10,000 publications
  4. Less than 10,000 publications.

In selling posts use 1-3 hashtags with a million publications per post, but do not repeat them! If you used 1 top hashtag in your post, then in the next post you should use another hashtag.

You cannot copy the same hashtags, otherwise, you can get a shadow ban from Instagram. Yes, such a nasty thing exists.

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Get The Ultimate Instagram Hashtags Cheatsheet

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100% Privacy. We will never spam you.

100% Privacy. We will never spam you.


In order to create an effective selling caption for your Instagram post, it is necessary:

  1. Present a product/service using a quality image.
  2. Write a selling text of a post that can interest a potential buyer and move him to the next step (comment, call, request for a price).
  3. Add a minimum of 30 hashtags that are as close to the target audience as possible.
  4. Keep track of statistics.

Following the above recommendations, you will be able to create money-making selling posts, thus independently promote Instagram. This will certainly affect the profit increase.

About the Author: Marie Barnes is a writer for Bestforacar. She is an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs. She shares her insights through blogging. Follow her on Medium.

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