6 Suggestions to Improve Your Email Marketing by Storytelling

Improve Your Email Marketing

When someone hears or reads a story, it stays with them much longer than any facts or numbers that they hear because they feel like a part of it. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that people who listen to a story will experience a release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter hormone responsible for memory retention. This goes to show that using storytelling is much more effective than sharing facts when you’re marketing something. The art of storytelling can really improve email marketing because the email will arrive in the person’s inbox, their personal space. We’ve compiled for you the 6 best suggestions for using storytelling to improve email marketing.

1. Use Relatable People as Narrators

The heart of every story has characters that you can relate to. When you start a story with a relatable person, you’re immediately creating a connection between the reader and the story. Consider putting a name in the subject line of your email to immediately grab your readers’ attention. In email marketing, it can be hard to come up with a catchy subject line that will draw your readers in and interest them enough to open the email; by adding the name of the character in the subject line, you’re solving that problem. This can be as simple as changing from ‘people have noticed immediate results after using our product’ to ‘find out how Laura used our product to immediate success.’ This makes the story more believable and more appealing.

2. Don’t Send a Sales Pitch

People are bombarded all day every day by advertisements and calls for us to buy a product or a service, from the internet to newspapers to television. If you’re also sending an email that’s a sales pitch explaining how your product is better than others and everyone should buy, it’s quite likely that your readers will close it before even reading the full thing. Email marketing is all about making your brand stand out to your readers and build a relationship and engagement. For them to be interested in your email, you have to craft a story about your product.

3. Discuss Your Experiences

If you write and share a story about personal experiences, your users will respond in a positive way because they’ll feel immersed in the experience. This means you should add photos and videos to the email so your readers can see the real person you’re writing about. As explained by George Monk, an email marketer at Big Assignments and Ox Essays, “by including personalized experiences, your users are more likely to feel compelled to follow the call to action. Sharing personal stories also creates an important bond between you and your customers by creating a sense of community and trust.”

4. Be Honest and Real

If you’ve decided to go down the route of story telling for your email marketing, it’s important that everything you do is honest and real, from the images, the theme, or the videos. Share a story about yourself or a client who used your products or services, and make sure it’s a true story. If you write something real and meaningful, you’re much more likely to engage the reader and create a real connection with them

5. Be Professional and Clear

You also want to make sure the content you send is professional and of high quality. Nothing will disengage a reader more than an email with spelling and grammar mistakes. If you write something of high quality, it’s more likely to create engagement and have it shared between people. We recommend that you consult these online tools to help make sure your writing is as good as possible.

6. Share Your Brand Story

People are much more likely to connect with you and your brand and become loyal customers when they understand your journey and your story. By sharing your personal story, your readers will remember it and be more interested if they run across your brand in their daily lives. This will be in the back of their minds every time they must decide to buy your product or your competitor’s product.

Email marketing is a useful way to connect with your audience, showcase your products, and expand your base. By creating an email marketing strategy that revolves around storytelling, you’re increasing your brand appeal and building a loyal and engaged customer base.

Ellie Coverdale, a technical and marketing writer with UK Writings and Essay roo, is interested in digital and social media marketing advances. She looks into new approaches to marketing and technical advances in the field. You can also find her teaching at Boom Essays.

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