How to Get 1,000 People to Read Your Next Blog Post

Writing quality content is always hard to do. It doesn’t matter whether you write an ultimate guide, simple blog post, or email.

But there’s one thing even harder.

Getting people that actually care about what you have to say. So how do you increase website traffic?

increase website traffic

I bet you’ve read about strategies like:

  1. Publish an article
  2. Share the article on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google + communities, Facebook groups, etc…
  3. Expect thousands of visitors to your website

Sorry to disappoint you, but…

It doesn’t work that way.

Don’t worry, there are many ways that bring you qualified readers to your blog.

Strategies that work every time, no matter what your blog is all about.

A bold promise, right? I know.

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But after you go through this article, you will know the exact steps to implement to get 100s or 1000s of readers every time you publish a piece of content.

The secrets to transform your blog that no one reads to a blog that gets a consistent stream of visitors each day.

Today I’m going to show you the exact framework I have been using every time I create a new post, tutorial, or a guide.

A few months ago, I published an epic article – 385+ Tools for entrepreneurs and startups.

So far, the article got 7,289 pageviews.

Getting traffic

It was the second article published on my brand new blog.

I had no existing audience.

I had no existing following.

I had no existing traffic.

The article was seen more than 7280x times since then.

Sounds interesting? I hope so!

You can get the same or even better results by following four simple strategies I’m going to cover below.

Strategy #1: How to get traffic from Triberr

First, brief explanation, what is Triberr.

Triberr is a social network designed for bloggers who want to get exposure for their blogs.

After you sign up, you will be able to create and join relevant ‘tribes’.

Every tribe has its own topic (ex: marketing), members (30-50), and followers (1-1000).

After you join any tribe, you become automatically a follower.

You can (and should!) ask the leader of the tribe to promote you as a member (this option will appear immediately after you join the tribe).

When you become part of the tribe, you will see posts from all members of that tribe in your ‘tribal stream’ (similar to Facebook newsfeed).

After you become a full member, your articles will be imported in front of all members of that tribe.

Obviously, the more tribe you are a member of, the more people will see and share your posts.

My average post gets 900+ unique and targeted visitors to my article. (as you can see below)

So how do you proceed?

Step #1: Go to, create a free account and connect to at least one social network (Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn)

Step #2: Click ‘Tribes’ at the top of the page and find as many relevant tribes as you can.


Step #3: Follow the tribe and confirm that you want to become a member (tip: Write an introduction in the chat of that tribe)


Step #4: Find out the owner of the tribe, share his/her latest articles on social media, follow them on social media and send them tweet/direct message/whatever telling them that you would like to become a member of their tribe


Step #5: After you publish your article, Triberr allows you to promote your post for 7 days for $5.

(Your post will stay at the top of the ‘tribal stream’ (It’s like Facebook newsfeed) for all members and followers from tribes you are a member of)

Summary: The more tribes you join, the more people will share and see your content. I can’t stress enough how important it is to promote your post. This can get you 10x results from Tribber.

As you can see, Triberr can increase website traffic instantly.

Strategy #2: QuuuPromote

Quuu Promote is an online platform where you can promote your content to real and most importantly to relevant people across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ simultaneously.

I have been using QuuuPromote for almost a year and the results are fantastic. I get tens of shares every single day.

Tools 471 clicks.png

Whether your blog is about marketing, business, dogs, or culture – you can use Quuu Promote.

They have more than 200 different categories where you can submit your article for 30 days.

Step #1: Go to QuuuPromote website and sign up for the account

Step #2: Set up a short version for Twitter and a long version for Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn


Step #3: Wait until the team from Quuu Promote approve your post.

Note: Make sure your post is the highest quality possible. When you write a junk, your post will not be approved.

Summary: Quuu Promote is my favorite traffic generation strategy. I’ve used them to promote every single article I’ve created. Every time I get at least 100s of shares and clicks from people who are interested in my business. It’s very simple to use, the process takes a few minutes and you are done.

Strategy #3: Niche communities like Growthhackers and Inbound

Niche communities are one of the best ways to connect with influencers in your field and get quality traffic for your website.

Whatever your topic is, there are many communities around your topic.

You can find them simply by using Google. You can try to search for:

[your topic] communities

[your topic] forum

[your sub-topic] communities

[your sub-topic] forum

google communities.png

When it comes to marketing, online business, growth hacking, etc… There are two communities you have to join immediately!

Growth Hackers

This is my favorite niche community. It’s not just about growth hacking as you would say from the name but you can publish there to many categories – see image below.

GH tags.png

Briefly, Growth Hackers works on an upvote system.

You write a short description with a link to your article and publish it on Growth Hackers. The more upvotes you get, the more exposure your post receive.

To every post, you can add up to three different hashtags, use all of them!


The point is to get at least a few upvotes. Three to four upvotes means that your post ends up in trending section under all of the hashtags you added before.


Otherwise, your post will be lost in the feed and only a few people will see it.

From my experience, 5-7 upvotes within the first 6-12 hours of publishing can get you on the front page of GrowthHackers – that’s the place where your article can be seen by thousands of people in a couple of days.


For instance, my article 385+ tools for entrepreneurs and startups was just a few days on the front page and the results speak for themselves – 14,300 people clicked on it and a lot of them continued to my blog.


So, how do you get those upvotes?

Firstly, make sure your article/guide/blog post is of top-notch quality. This is a must if you want to succeed on Growthhackers.

Secondly, start building relationships with influencers (by following them, commenting on their posts, etc..) and people who consistently publish on GH and people who regularly upvote out there.

The more friends you get, the more upvotes you receive = better results.

Step #1: Register an account on

Step #2: Follow at least 20 people who published on GH and leave a meaningful comment on their posts

Step #3: Build a deeper relationship with at least three people, after you publish your first post, contact them, let them know about your post and ask for an upvote

Step #4: Find three most relevant hashtags for your article (tip: If you visit trending page, you will see popular hashtags – if suitable, try to use at least one of them because they’re the most used)

popular hastags.png

Step #5: Write an actionable summary of your post with detailed insights and include a teaser that they should click through your site… and hit publish

Note: Remember, it’s crucial to get at least a few upvotes as soon as you publish, otherwise you will not get in the trending section where all the magic happens. is a very similar community as Growth Hackers. is a community-based website that aims to educate and enable marketers through curated content, personal profiles, and much more.

More than 250,000 marketers from all over the world have been using Inbound, that means something!

Remembér, when it comes to Inbound, Growth Hackers or any other platform, they are a community, not a promotional platform.

Make sure you are giving value to other members and not just promoting your content.

It’s simple as that, if you don’t interact with other members, they will not interact with you.

Everyone having a Twitter account can create an account on

There are three different ways you can use, you can use it to:

  1. Share an article
  2. Ask a question
  3. Start a discussion


Step #1: Create an account on

Step #2: Start contributing to other people’s articles

Step #3: Publish an article with a brief summary of the post



Getting traffic for your website is hard, but it’s not a rocket science.

Derek Halpern from says that every blogger/writer should use 80/20 rule when it comes to content creation/promotion.

What does that mean? Spend 20% of the time on creating content and 80% on promoting content.

If no one reads your content, it doesn’t matter whether you have written the best content out there.

Content promotion platforms and community sites like Triberr, QuuuPromote, or GrowthHackers enable you to connect with influencers and targeted people in your niche.

Use these simple strategies every time you publish a piece of content and I can assure you that you will get 100s or 1000s of highly targeted and relevant visitors to your blog.

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Here’s a quick recap:

Step #1: Register a free account on Triberr, join at least 20 – 50 relevant tribes, connect with the tribe owners and request to be a full member

Step #2: Join QuuuPromote and promote your latest article

Step #3: Create an account on, start contributing to the community, ask questions, comment on other people’s articles, build relationships with at least 3-4 people

Step #4: Register an account on using your Twitter account and replicate the process you do on GrowthHackers

Have you tried any of those strategies? Let me know your results in the comment section below.

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  1. Andrea

    Thanks for Mentioning Triberr Jan 🙂 We really appreciate it!

    1. Jan Orsula

      You’re welcome! Every time I publish a new blog post, the results from Triberr are fantastic!

  2. Ahmed Ezat

    Really Helpful Article, I’ve followed you on twitter.

  3. Erin Cotter

    Thank you so much for this amazing post. I am going to be using all of your strategies you listed and am looking forward to seeing a leap in my traffic . This is such great content by the way, as I haven’t heard if many of these before!

    1. Jan Orsula

      Thanks for your kind words! Let me know when you start implementing those strategies!

  4. Karlene Cameron

    Thanks for sharing these sites! I’m excited to check them out and put them into practice!

    1. Jan Orsula

      You’re welcome. All of them work amazingly well! Let me know how it goes.

  5. Guilherme Vaz

    Thank you for sharing your strategy 🙂 Will it work with non-english blogs and websites?

    1. Jan Orsula

      I’m sure it will. Just make sure your content is top-notch.

  6. Torey @ LovelyandGreen

    Wow thanks for the tips! Can’t wait to check out these tools when I get home tonight

  7. Darren

    Would it work for a company blog instead of an individual blog from an influencer or blogger?

    1. Jan Orsula

      Definitely, the only condition is to produce a high-quality content.

  8. Darren

    I am thinking to utilise quu promoter for a competition – do you think it is a good idea?

    1. Jan Orsula

      Darren, I think it’s a great idea but not sure if they allow it… Try to ask them first.

  9. Tushara

    Hi Jan, Amazing article. I will be trying all the platforms for my content promotion. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Jan Orsula

      Hey Tushara, you’re welcome! They are definitely worth trying. Let me know how it goes!

  10. Shayk

    Hey Jan, Thanks for sharing the information. I’m overwhelmed!

  11. 9series Solutions

    This is a great blog. Certainly got more ideas of how I can promote my blog to get more readership. Many a times my blogs don’t even reach 10 readers. Some of these tips should surely help!

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