The Instagram Checklist

Five Steps to Grow Your Instagram Like Wildfire

Click here to download the Instagram checklist in PDF format

❏ Optimize your profile

  • Create eye-catching profile image of you or your company
    logo and set up a bio reflecting your personality and value of
    your product.
  • Publish at least 12 images high-quality photos before you
    start promoting your profile and getting followers.
  • Don’t just put your website URL and use a link to your op-tin
    page/product page instead. (This is the only place where you
    can create a clickable link)
  • Switch to business profile to get Instagram analytics

❏ Research strategic hashtags

  • Spent some time researching what hashtags your ideal
    followers and customers are using and looking for
  • Put together a list with at least 30 relevant hashtags
  • You’re looking for hashtags that have between 25-200k
    images (if you choose the more popular ones, your images
    would just be lost in the feed)
  • Post these 30 hashtags as a comment under your post; it will
    give you even more engagement!

❏ Create a posting calendar

  • Post at least 3-4x times (you can post even more) per day.
  • Publish photos, live videos, and Instagram Stories
  • Use tools like Canva, PicMonkey or Tablo to create
    nice-looking images
  • Be consistent

❏ Start Building your fanbase

  • Every month host a giveaway (contest)
  • Do shoutout for shoutout(S4S) as often as possible
  • Find influencers in your niche with 200k+ followers and buy
    a shoutout from them
  • Follow and Like photos of people who are engaging with
    relevant hashtags
  • Join a few engagement groups (inside Instagram and on Telegram

❏ Engage with your community

  • If someone comments on your photo, reply back (mention
    them, using @, in the comment).
  • Like other people’s photos that have hashtags that you’re
    interested in.
  • If someone sends you a direct message, take time and reply

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