A Newbies Guide to Facebook Image Sizes and Ad Dimensions

By 2020 Facebook will become 16 years old! Time flies and marketing strategies have transformed.

When Mark Zuckerberg came up with his concept of social networking site ‘Facebook’ a few years back, he had no idea what it would become in the coming years. Today with over 700 million active users, Facebook is the third most visited website in Internet history. Millennials are spending their time on Facebook; every famous brand is there, and almost everyone you knew is there. They are all not just only there but are active on a daily basis. They see what you post, what you share, and they respond to your posts.

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Let’s take a look at some interesting Facebook image and ad stats:

With these stats in mind, when it comes to Facebook, brands need to change their old strategies and approaches.

Let’s get started with the cheat sheet!

It doesn’t matter if your business is small or big; every business can benefit from having a Facebook page or group. A well managed up to date facebook page will transform your business in the right way.

Apart from content, Facebook images and their specs are very important. Whether it’s a video, news update, brand promotion, or even a meme – it’s visual content rules here. Having the right Facebook image and ad sizes are important because a poorly set image will look distorted, blurry and reflect badly on your brand. And if we take photos on Facebook like your cover or profile photo and ad types, each photo has its own specs.

Making good use of this visual nature can surely result in a significant boost in your social media marketing strategy. If you are unaware of the changing nature of the Facebook image sizes, chances are this might affect your brand in the wrong way. Moreover, the correct image size for Ads will help your ads to look genuine and helps to stand out from other ad types!

Since Facebook’s image sizes and dimensions keep changing frequently, it may seem complicated and exhausting to keep up to it! Here’s a handy guide for Facebook Image Sizes and Ad Dimensions:

Facebook image sizes and dimensions cheatsheet

To sum up…

Facebook has changed the way of promoting your business. It is really something! Having a simple business page or group on Facebook isn’t enough these days! Especially if you are not going to maintain the page properly with updated informational and valuable content, then it would become more disadvantageous than not being on Facebook at all.

And the same goes here when you are not using the correct image and ad dimensions for your page. Even it may be the simplest way to lose potential customers.

Have any tips and suggestions about Facebook marketing? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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