The newbie’s guide to Instagram Business Account

Instagram Business account is the buzzing word around the internet for years. Social media has changed the way businesses used to approach their marketing. With a targeted audience and no geographical barriers, social media marketing is a critical feature to a larger marketing strategy.

Regardless of whether you are using Instagram profile to share your amazing clicks for years, the Instagram Business profile is something you can’t ignore if you have even a simplest of the business idea of selling a handmade product or making your coffee shop an online hit and getting people into taking a sip!

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For the newbies, let’s go through what Instagram business is all about and how this could benefit your business.

Instagram Business Account

Instagram rolled out this free feature in 2016 for brands to make their presence known as a business on Instagram. With Instagram business account comes a number of features for businesses to track, gain followers, and generate leads online. These key features make the difference account a stand out of the crowd from an Instagram personal profile.


  • You can promote your Instagram posts as Ads
  • Get Insights on your posts and followers through Instagram Analytics
  • Add links in Instagram Stories
  • Contact button to Add a phone number or email address.


  • Go private!

Marketers know visual plays a vital role when it comes to social media marketing with more than 15 million business profiles using these key features. How does this help the business?


Visuals enable the business to showcase their brand and share their tale in a way typical Facebook status updates can’t. Creative videos and images easily go viral on Instagram and this has been the key social media strategy for marketers. To make everything go viral! ( In a good way) and this has worked seamlessly well with Instagram.

Instagram Insights

Let’s get to the core part. Getting access to Instagram Insights is the biggest perks of making the switch to a business profile,

Instagram Insights provides details on how your Instagram business account is performing. You can get an overall idea on your post reach, followers, website clicks, profile views, posts bookmarked, and more.

Furthermore, you can get a detailed report on your audience data such as their age, gender location, and activities on your page.

Contact Button

Every prospect conversions end up with a call to action button. Instagram business profile includes a contact button on top of the profile. You have an option to include a phone number, directions to your physical store, or an email address.

Instagram Ads

If you have already used the Ad feature on Facebook, you will be well aware of how powerful targetted Ads can be. Owned by Facebook, the Instagram business account provides nothing less than the powerful tools to run, setup, and track Ad campaigns.

Instagram Business Account infographic developed by TechWyse, an SEO agency, could be an added bonus for your Ad strategy for Instagram.

Instagram Business Account Infographics

Bonus Tips

  • Use relevant and trending hashtags for your posts.
  • Use insights to check the kind of posts that your audience loves and plan your strategies accordingly.
  • Instagram is an amazing platform for storytelling. Share the tale of your brand with amazing visuals.
  • Use influencers relevant to your niche to promote your business or products.
  • Sell your product and work on customer feedback!

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